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William Thornley from Bolton got back over £20,000 for his mis sold investment claim with help from

Could you have a mis sold investment claim?

Was your investment product sold to you by Barclays, Halifax, Lloyds, HSBC, RBS, or any other bank or financial adviser?

Investments such as ISAs, Unit Trusts and Investment Bonds can be very risky. In many cases the risks are not properly explained and you could be entitled to an investment claim for thousands of pounds

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Mr & Mrs Conroy

Double CoatAfter debating for weeks I finally got in touch with mis-soldinvestments.co.uk and I wasn`t optimistic that they could do anything. A week later I received a call to say I would be getting paid out, it was like winning the lottery Read More

Terence & Joan Conroy got back £22,500 from LloydsTSB